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Windows open up your home or office building, letting in light and fresh air. But by their very design, window openings have the potential to eventually weaken a structure, if they are not constructed correctly. When the cut-out is made for the window space from the wall, special attention must be paid to the design of the lintel and the sill. So, here's a quick explanation of how window lintels and sills work, and why you need an expert like Channel Construction to build or repair them!


Window Lintels


The lintel is the horizontal support above the window. Its job is to laterally transfer the weight of the wall directly above the window cut-out, so as to prevent sagging down into the window space. In older buildings, you'll often see this type of sagging. Over time steel lintels may bend under the all that vertical weight. Wood lintels can sag or even splinter due to factors like rot, termites or water damage. Some cheaply built brick buildings have no lintels at all, and you can see where the mortar finally fails to hold the unsupported brick up over the open window space. This sagging is unsightly, and ultimately it can be a real safety hazard!


Window Sills

The window sill is the horizontal piece at the bottom of the window cut-out. The sill's job is to help brace the window cut-out together and prevent shifting of the wall to one side or the other. It also acts as a base on which the actual window frame rests. Window sills can rot or rust over time which can cause structural problems and lead to water damage.


Water Drainage


Another function of both the window lintel and the window sill is to help keep rain water from entering your building. If both are constructed properly, water will strike them and roll away from the building, instead of draining inside or collecting in pools. Over time they can lose this ability, and water can enter the structure and cause big problems!


How We Help


So, now that you see how important the window lintel and sill are, you can appreciate the need for certified experts to build or repair them. That's where Channel Construction comes in! Count on us to take careful measurements and repair or build your window lintels or sills the right way, for less than the other guys. We can resolve old problems and prevent future ones with our skillful craftsmanship. And, our work is guaranteed and it comes with a full warranty!


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